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"It’s just honestly remarkable. It’s pain free. I can carry it with me everywhere I go. It looks like a lipstick. It’s actually really cute. I love it." Aisha P.

"Flawless® is really effective. It takes the hair off. It leaves your skin really smooth. You don’t see a nub" Toni Ann J.

"I love Flawless® for the fact that I don’t have to wait for the peach fuzz to grow back in. I don’t have to wait til I even see the hair. I can just grab it and on the go take care of everything daily." Angela C.

"Using Flawless® I don’t get the pain and the discomfort and the breakouts that I did by using all the other methods that I was using." Bethany J.

"I’m able to get the smoothness of waxing without the pain and redness. I’ve never seen anything like it." Sarati T.

"Flawless® is amazing. It’s very gentle. You don’t feel it and it just takes the hair away. And I just love it. " Frances W.

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